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As the value of a balanced energy portfolio increases, more and more organizations are looking to their grounds and facilities as viable locations for distributed renewable energy generation. Empower Energies works closely with those organizations to determine which on-site, clean generation sources match up best with their business requirements, sustainability objectives, and financial structures. When the answer is cogeneration, or cogeneration as part of an integrated offer, few organizations can offer Empower Energies’ level of experience and expertise.

Working with a select group of strategic partners, Empower Energies develops, designs, builds, owns, and finances Combined Heat and Power (CHP) projects, ranging in size from 250kW to 10MW.

The company partners with industry leaders to offer a unique turnkey solution for customers that is fast, flexible, and technology-agnostic. This enables Empower Energies to provide the most effective solutions from an array of technologies and fuel types without significant influence from industry supply cycles.

Cogeneration provides significant saving through the effective utilization of captured waste heat (thermal energy) on-site at a customer’s facility. It provides a clean or renewable energy portfolio option based on an entirely different set of parameters, fuels, and technologies.

Often this provides a portfolio opportunity for a customer, complementing another energy option, such as solar. In its essence, CHP takes advantage of the disparity in the prices of electricity and natural gas, allowing commercial, industrial, and institutional consumers to better control their energy choices. As electricity prices rise, and gas prices remain steady as forecast, Cogeneration becomes an option to strongly consider.

A Combined Heat and Power installation recovers waste heat for:

  • Space Heating (Steam or Hot Water Loop)
  • Space Cooling (Absorption Chiller)
  • Process Heating and/or Cooling
  • Dehumidification
  • Domestic Hot Water

If you have a consistent year-round heating or cooling load, you are a candidate for a Cogeneration application. CHP can provide at least a portion of your facility’s electrical load by applying a highly-efficient, integrated system with a total efficiency of greater than 85%, compared to conventional generation sources, which top out at about 55%. That is the source of your savings, and they can be significant. They don’t take up a lot of your valuable space, either, and they can be sited inside or outside of your facility.

CHP can be delivered via the technology that makes the most sense for your organization, from a list including: Gas Turbines, Lean Burn Engines, Rich Burn Engines, and eventually even emerging technologies such as Fuel Cells and Micro Turbines. CHP can also be driven by a number of different fuel types, including: Natural Gas, Biogas, and Biomass.

Installations are low maintenance, emit no pollutants, and provide a clean alternative to fossil fuels. And they make a statement about an organization’s commitment to clean and renewable-energy solutions.

Contact Empower Energies today to learn how you can:

  • Produce some of your own energy to power your facilities for 15+ years,
  • Enhance overall organizational profitability,
  • Improve your organization’s energy reliability, power density and utilization factors,
  • Provide a long-term hedge against rising utility rates,
  • Increase your organization’s energy independence,
  • Reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions,
  • Motivate employees and other corporate stakeholders,
  • Garner the attention of local media, and
  • Promote customer loyalty and goodwill in your local community.

And while you’re at it, ask about how Empower Energies can potentially add other scaled renewables to your portfolio for an even greater impact to your bottom line.

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