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Commercial Rooftop Installations Services

Silevo’s high efficiency and corresponding high power output makes the Triex modules the perfect solar energy solution for area-constrained installations which include commercial rooftops.

Much like residential installations, there is increasing value to be garnered with greater power output from a given space, for instance, that of a warehouse rooftop or large commercial building rooftop installation, which tend to range in size from 100KW – 1MW.

In addition to the traditional power generated by nameplate panel efficiency, Silevo’s Triex modules yield lower temperature coefficients for better energy harvest.  As installation sizes increase, such as with large-scale commercial installations, the importance of lower temperature coefficients magnifies and becomes even more valuable. Temperature coefficients in the range of -0.27%/C can generate energy harvest values of an additional 4% – 12%, depending on climate. The additional electricity that can be harvested from a commercial installation is immense; for instance, garnering an extra 5% system output on a 100KW installation versus a 5% benefit on a 3KW installation.  Commercial installers can greatly benefit from choosing Silevo’s Triex modules high efficiency panel with one of the industry’s leading temperature coefficients.

Silevo’s Triex modules are immediately available for the commercial installation market.

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