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Complete Home Energy and Heating Management Package

It often makes sense in building that when you start on something it is best to complete it thoroughly and improve the fabric and energy efficiency while you’re at it, rather than just worrying about the kitchens and bathrooms. Recent reports from the US say that solar panels are in fact the new granite worktop must have in every new home (and the Americans are not renowned for their energy consciousness).This most obviously applies to retro- fits and new builds. We can design, quote and install a complete Home Energy Heating Management system for your home, making the process much quicker, easier and more cost and energy efficient then getting in a number of different trades working to different schedules.

We work across all renewable energy systems so can give you comparable quotes for the options available (if you get a number of quotes for different technologies from different suppliers who is to say that they are all of the same quality and cover the same depth of works).

Free Consultation, Preliminary Design and Estimate

One of our technical designers will either discuss with you on site or in our show room your initial ideas and what will work best with your property. Taking a pick and mix approach we can design a heating system with radiators or under floor heating depending on your preference. We will identify the best heat source for your property be it air source, ground source heat pump, biomass or we can combine a number of these source to fit your needs. We can also design a hot water system, possibly for example including solar thermal or generate hot water from excess self-generated solar PV electricity. Another element of this is waste water heat recovery whereby we can install rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling. Included in our package is ventilation where we often use MVHR systems.

Using intelligent controls we can integrate all of the above systems to allow you to manage your house easily whether you are home or away.

Detailed Design Bundle

Sketches and any notes from the consultation as well as the estimate quotation is a free service. If however you would like more detailed design work. This will be a chargeable service as a stand-alone fee for a detailed design bundle or you proceed to installation this fee will be deducted from your final account.  The design bundle consists of

  • Full architectural drawings
  • Schematic layouts
  • 3 D CAD (computer aided design) drawings where appropriate
  • Full design specification of all components
  • Schedule of works

After Care and Additional Support
Ensuring that your system is working optimally to the highest standard we offer a strong customer service, offering monitoring checks and a 24 hour help line if you need us. We will provide all the necessary assessments and reports for planning, building regulations and demonstrate compliance with imposed immersion reduction targets.

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