DHYBRID Power Systems GmbH

DHYBRID Power Systems GmbH

Complete O&M Services


DHYBRID provides its worldwide clients complete O&M service in order to enhance the system performance and the energy savings of the PV installations with certified local DHYBRID partners.Our engineers continuously monitor the operation of the system to achieve highest possible savings, ensuring the improvement of the return on your investment. We are your direct contact in Germany and worldwide on-site.

Our services

  • Monitoring of the energy production
  • Operation reporting
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Failure repairing
  • Maintenance reporting
  • Technical advising
  • System optimization

Special services

  • Planning of technically and architecturally ambitious Power Plants
  • Mounting in geographically difficult areas (Mountains, deserts, etc.)
  • Incidents management
  • Failure troubleshooting
  • Fast deliveries worldwide

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