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Construction Services


We are dedicated to making sure you experience the best customer support during your entire project construction. That is why our project managers are your single point of contact to ensure your ground-mounted plant is tracking and producing clean energy right in no time, and reliably for years.

On-the-field, on-time, on-budget

Thanks to the unrivalled simplicity of our trackers for smooth and fast installation, you can rely on the expertise of our on-site field teams, from project support to full tracker installation.

From logistics to dispatching, pier works, tracker installation, and commissioning, we accompany you to ensure your solar plant is delivered on-time and on-budget.

Trust in our global network of trained installers

The Advantages Of Working With Exosun Trained Installers

For tracker installation worldwide, you can trust in Exosun’s network of established trained installers, qualified through Exosun’s accredited Training Center. Our trained installers follow a rigorous training of our installation methods and quality processes.

  • Field experienced installers, selected by Exosun
  • Smooth and fast tracker installation will save you time and labor costs
  • Top quality tracker installation is ensured

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