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Consultancy in Energy, Environment, Sustainable Development for Power, Heating, CHP & Transport


Sustainable energy is currently a vastly under utilised resource globally, but one that is set to increase as a result of new technology advances, changing economic environments and the pressing environmental problems of climate change. Many different technologies exist for processing and extracting energy. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. What is right for one country, city, industry or business may not be right for another. With many aspects to consider (commercial, technical economic and financial), finding the most appropriate technologies can be challenging.

MPCEE can assist in the creation of such renewable energy projects and the provision of efficient and cost effective renewable energy solutions. Our consultancy and advice is independent and designed to provide the best available solutions. From governments and regional municipalities to rural communities, from multi-national corporations to individual businesses, MPCEE will work with you and your team to develop your energy options and action plans and to identify and deliver the most appropriate solution/s for your specific situation.

Also, if you are considering a project that will contain any elements of renewable energy or sustainability, we can advise and guide you on the practical, economic and technical implications, as well as the environmental, community and social impacts.

MPCEE believes in forward thinking energy strategies that provide a competitive advantage in the new marketplace of the carbon free economy. We are committed to the development and dissemination of sustainable energy systems and work closely with technology partners in the development of leading edge technologies, particularly in the biomass/waste to energy sector, which avoid using food crops or destabilising the food chain. Such technology is rarely available off the shelf and our close working relationships ensure that solutions can be engineered to suit particular requirements.

As part of the total solution, MPCEE is also pleased to be able to provide access to commercial funding for such projects, where it is required, subject to a full business plan and executive summary being accepted as part of the project creation.

The opportunities exist now to stimulate economies, create new industries and increase employment, while at the same time reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing waste and protecting our fragile environment and eco-systems.

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