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Apart from the shades of blue and black typical of polycrystalline and monocrystalline cells, they can also be produced in a choice of designer colours.

Other design options include the use of colours glass, mirror and anti-reflective effects, and matt glass surfaces.

Moreover, since embedding material is available in various shades of white, red, grey, blue and bronze, the possibilities for making solar modules with a unique design are virtually endless!

A special colour printing technique allows the glass back to be printed in its entirety in any design while the front can also be partially printed.

Geometry: Modules can be manufactured up to a maximum size of 2.15m x 3.55m. Apart from standard squares and rectangles, any other glass shape is possible within these maximum dimensions, e.g. round, trapezoidal or triangular. Various thicknesses of glass are possible depending on structural engineering aspects.

Connector design: Optical variations are possible by using visible or concealed connectors, including by means of coloured glass printing or a foil insert.

Connection types:

  • Side contact, concealed connection for glass-glass modules
  • Decentralized connection with sockets for positive and negative poles and central sockets to ensure flexible interconnection and module design
  • Contact socket fitted on the back for central interconnection

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