Control Center


The Control Center is a centralized system that monitors and controls all solar plant subsystems. In the Control Center, the calculation of relevant key performance indicators for each plant, according to international standards, is performed.


In detail:

  • Data are collected in a Cloud Database Center (or dedicated database centers according to the client’s need). From here, stakeholders can use the data accordingly for future analysis and performance tracking. Each PV plant can be monitored on a cloud server via a web browser or mobile device.
  • The Control Center software consists of a database, a synchronizer, a business logic unit, a notification server and a front-end unit.
  • The database stores all data necessary for the operation of the solution in a centralized manner for all monitored sites.
  • The synchronizer manages all IP connections with the field-deployed controllers, collects data from them either periodically or on an event-driven basis and relays any user action events from the front-end to the field-deployed controllers.
  • Business logic performs data processing to produce statistics, performance ratios, reports and alarms.
  • A notification server notifies selected users via email/SMS in case of critical alarms.
  • The front-end unit undertakes the structured presentation of the data to a multitude of users by implementing web technologies and integrating video feeds from the CCTV system for specific DVRs.

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