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For more than 20 years TiSUN has been working to convince the world that using the inexhaustible source of solar energy is cost-effective. In addition to our quality and innovation, our customer service has made us one of the top European suppliers in the area of solar heating.

Our customers and partners can rely on the following:

Customer Competence Center

An international team supports our partners and customers all over the world. Our team is there for you - no matter whether you are placing a simple customer order or have a complex technical request.

Installation Service

6 installation teams (with 2 people each) are on the road every day in Austria, Germany and northern Italy delivering solar systems, installing collectors with cranes and bringing systems into operation. In 2008 these 6 teams installed 111 m² per day.

TiSUN also offers installation service in Belgium, Italy and France using certified subcontractors.

International After Sales Service

At TiSUN, service does not end with your purchase or with the installation of the solar system. Focusing on customer needs, a 7 person team quickly handles regular maintenance, spare parts supply and repairs.

Regular Training and Information Exchange

Some TiSUN employees may be young, but they also have a great deal of experience. At TiSUN, the daily business routine includes a regular exchange of information and experience. The team solves customer requests and possible problems together. Internally, information is exchanged during regular training sessions.

But we also want to share our experience with others. We offer our customers and partners 100 training sessions, including product training, every year. These range from basic seminars to expert technical product training.

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