Green Charge

Design, Install and Maintenance Services


At Green Charge, our power experts will design, install, and maintain your system, delivering a turnkey solution customized for your organization’s needs. Your savings depend on having an appropriately sized energy storage system, as well as finely tuned algorithms to direct its operation. Prior to implementation, our analysts team uses GridSynergy Software to analyze your energy needs. Our models are based on actual and forecasted performance, taking into account the variable nature of your energy loads.

We also optimize your energy storage solution to deliver the maximum value from

  • The combination of modules deployed at your site (peak shaving, rate optimization, arbitrage, and demand response)
  • Integration with capacity-generating systems such as solar and other renewables.
Professional installation

Your designated GridSynergy Storage system is UL-listed and thoroughly stress-tested before it leaves our facilities. We comply with all safety requirements for the transport of the hardware components. Green Charge-qualified personnel install, test, and commission each energy storage system for successful interconnection at your facility and with the public utility.

24 × 7 network operations
Engineers at the Green Charge network operations center (NOC) monitor the performance of all the GridSynergy Storage in operation. We work around the clock to ensure the continual safety of our installed equipment and to spot opportunities to increase your savings and/or enhance your revenue stream. We can also integrate with solar installations to optimize and visualize the performance of combined systems.

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