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Design of Renewable Energy Systems


Renewable energy systems offer heat and power without any greenhouse gas emissions. As their costs fall, solar water heating, solar air heating, photovoltaic and wind energy systems are becoming an accepted alternative to meet building energy needs. Enermodal has design and construction experience with all of these technologies.

Enermodal has 25 years of experience in designing solar water systems. Solar systems have been used to heat indoor and outdoor swimming pools, car washes, laundry facilities and shower water in workplaces. Enermodal managed two large-scale field trials of residential solar domestic hot water systems, conducting field inspections, performance monitoring and homeowner surveys.
Enermodal Engineering is actively involved in the design and implementation of Canada's first solar community in Okotoks, Alberta: Drake Landing Solar Community. Ninety percent of the space and water heating needs of 52 single-detached homes will be met with solar thermal energy. Enermodal Engineering produced the project feasibility study; provided design engineering, construction supervision and commissioning services for the major systems; headed up the simulation team predicting the long-term viability of the entire system; and is one of the leads for the monitoring effort to verify system performance over the coming years. This project was winner of the Climate Change category at the Alberta Emerald Awards; it also won the Best Solar Project of the Year from the Canadian Solar Industries Association.

Solar ventilation air heating is one of the most cost effective applications of renewable energy. Enermodal has designed and monitored the performance of a dozen industrial systems, including a Solarwall for preheating ventilation air (Steelcare, Hamilton, Ontario). We developed simulation tools (RETScreen and SWIFT) to predict the performance of solar air systems. Currently, Enermodal is conducting field trials of solar crop drying systems in Panama, Costa Rica, China and India. Enermodal, working with local partners, is installing, commissioning and monitoring the systems to show that solar is the best option for crop drying.

The cost of photovoltaics has fallen by ten-fold over the past few years to the point where these systems are approaching the cost of grid power. Photovoltaics can be used in stand-alone systems to power remote applications, or can be building integrated systems with connection to the grid. Enermodal has designed both system types and negotiated power purchase agreements with electric utilities.

Depending on the site and system size, wind power can be a viable option to produce electricity. Enermodal has designed several wind power systems including systems in northern Canada where weather and geographic isolation present special challenges.


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