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The expected lifecycle of an AC drive is long and contains diverse phases, each with different characteristics and requirements. From engineering and dimensioning for a new installation through procurement, delivery and installation to the long usage phase, all activities contribute to the value chain and product’s lifecycle. DrivePro® services have been designed to maximize the benefits by improving overall efficiency and profitability, and minimize the operational costs of the Danfoss AC-drive solution in any application or industry segment.

Certified service personnel use original spare parts and drive expertise to repair drives. This service is intended for drives which can be shipped to the Danfoss workshop.


  • Optimized costs
  • Half-year warranty for repaired/replaced components
DrivePro® Field Repair

Certified service personnel visit the customer location to see if a product can be repaired or needs to be replaced. Original spare parts and drive expertise are used to repair drives. This service is intended for occasions when a fast reaction time is needed or when drives cannot be shipped to the Danfoss workshop.

  • Shorter downtime
  • Half-year warranty for repaired/replaced components
DrivePro® Service Support

This service provides access to a dedicated, local customer service representative who can provide answers on any Danfoss-Drives-related issue.


  • Speeds up operations by offering a timely response to questions about Danfoss’ AC drives
  • Problems can be solved quickly
DrivePro Spare Parts

Like any high-performance electrical equipment, there may be a point during a Danfoss Drives product’s lifecycle when it will need to be repaired. Original spares or spare part kits are available for fast delivery all over the world. They are divided into three categories: self-service, maintenance and repair spare parts. Self-service spare parts can be used to maintain or repair the product without any service training; maintenance and repair spare parts need a certified person to perform the service.


  • Prevent excessive downtime by having correct spare parts readily available globally
  • Original Danfoss spares or spare part kits are provided in the most recent version and include the latest enhancements
DrivePro® Start-up
This service involves checking the product and its installation, commissioning and configuring the drives according to the process needs and performing test runs. All actions and recommendations are documented for later reference. The ultimate goal is to ensure the drive is working at its full potential from the start to ensure maximum availability.

  • Maximize the lifetime and availability of the AC drives by ensuring proper installation and fine-tuning
  • Shorten the commissioning time without compromising on quality through efficient and field-proven start-up procedures tailored for Danfoss AC drives
DrivePro Maintenance

Danfoss Drives designs and manufactures products of the highest quality and performance available on the market. However, if products are constantly being pushed to the limit, for example in harsh operating conditions, there are times when the strain can begin to show.

This service protects the customer investment by ensuring the process remains at its most productive for as long as possible and keeping expensive downtime to a minimum.

In addition to traditional reactive services, Danfoss Drives also offers preventative maintenance based on the predefined maintenance schedule or predictive maintenance based on indicators by the product.


  • Maximize the uptime of processes
  • Eliminate unexpected and costly downtime
DrivePro Upgrade

This service upgrades the existing product with the latest components and/or software. The first step in the upgrade service is the evaluation of the existing products and making an upgrade plan. This enables Danfoss Drives to make recommendations based on future needs with regard to software and hardware updates or even retrofitting.


  • Maximize the return on investment by extending the lifetime of the drive system
  • Protect the investment by ensuring an optimal power drive system despite changing environments and requirements
DrivePro® Retrofit

This service provides a smooth plan for managing the end of a product lifecycle by replacing old products with new models. The service includes an audit of the current environment, and then planning and delivery of the required retrofit kit into the existing environment. The retrofit service minimizes the impact on the existing process and equipment, and enables improvements in process, energy efficiency and reliability by ensuring you always have a drive that features new functions and the latest technology.

  • Minimize the impact of product end-of-life on process availability
  • Achieve additional process and energy efficiency by adopting the latest technology into the existing drive solution

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