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Dürr Megtec can help improve your operating efficiencies by analyzing current process energy usage and offer solutions to reduce your energy consumption. Dürr Megtec engineers and provides air-handling, drying, heating, cooling, process, and combustion control systems that help improve the operating efficiency of your facility and maximize the performance of your equipment. By analyzing current process energy usage, Dürr Megtec can offer solutions to reduce your energy consumption.

Improve the energy management program of your facility with services that:
  • Maintain equipment to manufacturer specifications
  • Understand the process and obtain baseline energy usage
  • Review the process to reduce air flow and temperature
  • Improve process interface dampers and controls to reduce system demand
  • Investigate energy funding programs and project return on investment (ROI)
  • Investigate system retrofits, control upgrades, heat exchanger efficiency, new ceramic media products, and replace obsolete components
  • Consider secondary heat recovery
  • Investigate potential replacement options with new, energy-efficient systems
Possible uses for recovered heat energy include:
  • Combustion air heating
  • Process makeup air systems
  • Building makeup air heating systems
  • Hot water systems (plant boiler loop)
  • Low-temperature steam applications
  • Dryer air curtain systems

Dürr Megtec energy studies provide the vital information you need to make the best decision on process upgrades and equipment selection to ensure maximum process capacity and integration.

The key to effective energy recovery is to identify the optimum sources of, and uses for, the energy and select the most cost-effective, efficient system to transport and deliver the energy.


Whether your needs require a customdesigned and built heat recovery system, or a “prepackaged” system, Durr Megtec can offer you a wide range of energy recovery solutions.

Dürr Megtec process engineers bring decades of industry experience with over 7,500 dryer, oxidizer, and energy management systems installed worldwide. They are expertly trained to help you maximize your operation’s efficiencies while minimizing costs.

The use of heat from exhaust gases provides an immediate reduction of operating costs in both the process or oxidizer system.

Dürr Megtec offers many types of heat recovery systems to reduce energy:

  • Thermal oil systems
  • Air-to-air heat exchangers
  • Air-to-glycol systems
  • Air-to-steam boiler systems
  • Air-to-water systems
  • Adsorption chiller systems

Dürr Megtec Packaged Heat Recovery System

This robust system is designed for efficiency of installation, and is highly cost effective. Dürr Megtec robust, skid-mounted heat recovery system with air-to-air heat exchanger is provided fully assembled and tested. Its small footprint provides an attractive return on your investment, yet is fully automated for efficient operation.

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