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Group AdP strategy in terms of renewable resources involves maximizing use of its endogenous assets and resources, namely the water and wastewater treatment processes by-products and contribute to sustainable development, rationalizing energy consumption and reducing or compensating for Greenhouse Gas emissions.

In accordance with this strategy implemented by AdP Energias, projects are being developed involving the use of biogas from wastewater treatment plant sludge and organic waste for energy production purposes. Projects involve refuse derived fuels, hydro-electric production (mini and micro hydro turbines), wind power, thermal and photovoltaic solar energy, and forest biomass.

Another AdP Group action strategy is to implement solutions for treating pig-rearing effluents with a view to resolving serious environmental problems. This strategy is already being put into practice through the AdP Group company Trevo Oeste.

Through Aquasis, the group develops information technologies that provide support for the technical management, operation and maintenance of water supply, wastewater sanitation and urban solid waste collection, treatment and recovery systems.

The AdP group also operates a shared services unit that promotes coordinated access to markets, resources integration and the sharing of accumulated experience among group companies.

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