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Ge:Net GmbH

Energy Consultation Services


The reduced handling of energy has not only a environmental reasons it is also a cost-saving aspect. Ge:Net GmbH can advise you in basic design of energy systems, can show you potential savings of your buildings. So Ge:Net could add to reduce your energy costs in future.Our study energy adviser DSc. Ing. Carsten Ropeter is the managing director of Ge:Net GmbH. If there is any question, don't hesitate to contact him.

Ge:Net GmbH projects
Independent Power Network
Design, building and support of an independent power network comprises of 13 kw power inverter, 36 kwh battery storage, 3.0 kwp photo voltaic plant, 30 kw diesel generator and coming soon a 5 kw Wind Power Station.This complete system serves a pig fattening farm with 1.800 animals.

Ge:Net GmbH photo voltaic plant
A photo voltaic plant is working with 13,5 kwp since ending 2002. Monthly and yearly profit documentations will be published soon.

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