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Our energy efficiency engineers specialize in uncovering opportunities to improve energy performance in commercial, industrial, institutional, and multi-family residential buildings. Sieben Energy Associates was founded with an emphasis on energy efficiency, and we have always focused on results and innovation throughout our twenty years of working with clients and facilities across the country.

Building operations account for 40% of national energy consumption. Identifying and capturing efficiency opportunities can achieve substantial reductions in energy usage and expenditures. We have deep experience conducting various types of energy audits to uncover these efficiency opportunities.

Energy efficiency is also a vital consideration when designing or purchasing a building. Whether you have one building or fifty, we are prepared to serve you, as we have experience working with single facilities as well as multi-building portfolios.

We offer customized, project-based ASHRAE energy audits (Level I and II) for a wide variety of building types. We also specialize in system-level energy audits, due diligence for property acquisitions, implementation support, and validation of building ENERGY STAR ratings in Portfolio Manager. Choose any of these stand-alone services, or add value through a suite of services.

Drawing from our expertise in strategic energy consulting and energy management, our team can help you establish corporate energy efficiency goals or integrate efficiency into your sustainability plans.

In addition to these services, visit our Commissioning page for re-commissioning, retro-commissioning, and monitoring-based commissioning. All of these processes have the same ultimate objective of improving energy efficiency in existing buildings, but they are different from conventional energy audits.

We are also experts in the LEED Certification process, having served as LEED Consultants for over one hundred projects. We can partner with you to earn efficiency-related Energy & Atmosphere prerequisites and credits with an ASHRAE Level I energy audit (a basic walk-through assessment), Energy Star Statement of Energy Performance, and existing building commissioning or ASHRAE Level II energy audit (an in-depth investigation of energy savings opportunities).

Incentive Programs (Government or Utility programs that offset the cost of energy-reduction related services): Organizations with facilities in northern Illinois that use at least eight million kWh of electricity annually may qualify for ComEd's 'Smart Ideas for Your Business' retro-commissioning initiative which seeks to demonstrate and promote the value of efficient building operations to a company's bottom line. SEA is an approved Service Provider for this retro-commissioning program which provides comprehensive energy assessments and recommendations valued at over $50,000 per site. Retro-commissioning is a practical way to reduce energy waste and lower electricity costs significantly in buildings of all types. The Retro-Commissioning Incentive Program through ComEd subsidizes our fees for this process; buildings need only invest in no-cost or low-cost measures with quick payback.

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