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What kind of energy are we using? Is it consistently available? Convenient? Efficient?  And, if we’re generating energy, how are we monitoring it? Are we able to do more and, perhaps, save more? How do you know where to start?

Whether your motivation for rethinking energy is for backup or emergency power, saving money, reducing down time, peace of mind, environmental mindfulness, or a combination of motivations, Pfister Energy offers multiple engineered renewable and energy efficient solutions that will help your business stay powered up.

Backup Power Systems or Emergency Generators

Backup power systems prepare your facility for natural disasters, severe weather, utility disruption or construction projects with electricity, security, light, heat or cooling. Options include

  • hybrid renewable energy (wind, solar, or others) combined with natural gas or propane feed
  • traditional natural gas or propane feed

Demand Response

Demand Response programs provide a structured payment to your company for reducing or cutting power during periods of high electricity demand

Fuel Cells

Hydrogen-fueled and highly efficient (up to 90%) on-site power generation that can be used for primary and backup power. Fuel cell models are sized and installed based on facility needs.

Whether your focus is on preparedness or savings, Pfister Energy designs, installs and maintains energy management systems to fit your budget and energy needs.

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