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Energy Management Services


Has your building's performance been measured lately? The results can be illuminating. Building owners are increasingly concerned with lowering building energy costs in order to make their facilities competitive in the market place and to hedge against inevitable rising utility prices. With an in-depth review we can pinpoint areas for improvement. Our core business is to bring about changes that conserve energy and water, improve building functionality, and extend equipment service life.

Our energy conservation strategies include:

  • Challenging standard practice – bring operational requirements up to the present day in terms of both standards and tenant requirements, not those set in place at the time of construction
  • Right-Size - introduce variable flow in response to zone requirements, ventilate & exhaust according to modern operational practice and code
  • Demand Reduction - We look for ways to reduce energy demand for major users, reducing load on the grid and freeing capacity
  • Load-Shifting - We examine what loads can be interlocked so they don't run simultaneously

With extensive experience and advanced tools, Enermodal provides an effective, holistic approach to existing buildings that improves building performance by eliminating operational, mechanical, and technological inefficiencies, but it also trains building operators so that benefits continue over the longer-term. The building owner ends up with a better building and a systematic plan for future operations, upgrades and renovations.

Energy Management Services

  • Building Performance Evaluations - Benchmarking / Portfolio Benchmarking
  • Existing Building Commissioning
  • Water Conservation Audit
  • Energy Audit - ASHRAE level 1,2 or 3
  • Building Automation System Review and Upgrade Design
  • Renewable Energy Feasibility & Design
  • Retrofit Design & Project Management
  • Commissioning of Retrofits
  • Operator training
  • Envelope Assessment- Air & Heat Leakage
  • Energy Performance Monitoring
  • Sub-metering plans and verification
  • Outdoor Airflow Verification and Measurement System Design

Energy Audits
Energy audits are the first step in improving the operation of existing buildings. Energy audits identify and determine the economic viability of retrofit measures and operational changes to reduce annual energy costs.

An energy audit consists of four main steps:

  1. Energy bills are analyzed to determine trends, evaluate breakdown by end use (e.g., heating, lighting) and benchmark to similar facilities and current best practices.
  2. Site inspections and measurements assess the condition and efficiency of equipment and identify opportunities for reducing energy use
  3. The technical and economic feasibility of each measure is determined. Annual energy savings are calculated using building energy simulations and proprietary calculations. The cost of measures is estimated using supplier and contractor quotations, pricing handbooks and from our experience with similar projects.
  4. An action plan is prepared for those measures with an acceptable payback period. The plan identifies the total retrofit cost and annual savings and describes implementation steps. Enermodal can provide turnkey services to take the project from the audit to completion.

Enermodal has undertaken close to 100 building energy audits that include all building types. We are approved for conducting energy audits under Natural Resources Canada's Energuide Program.

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