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Enermodal assists building owners and design teams to design more energy- efficient buildings, to comply with the MNECB, and to earn LEED energy credits. A three-step process is used to ensure that the maximum incentive is achieved at the lowest construction cost.

During the concept design phase, Enermodal holds workshops with the design team to identify the most cost-effective energy efficiency measures. A “green shopping list” of potential measures compares potential concepts and technologies in terms of many factors, including capital cost, energy cost savings, and payback period.

During design development, Enermodal reviews drawings and specifications to ensure the energy efficiency measures are correctly implemented and meet the LEED energy targets. When the design drawings are complete, Enermodal performs the final energy simulation, prepares the necessary paperwork and submits the application.

Enermodal has extensive expertise in using hourly building energy analysis tools, such as EE4, DOE 2.1, and E-QUEST, that predict building annual energy use. When necessary, these models can be customized to analyze unique or complicated energy systems. Because of our energy simulation expertise, we have performed or reviewed more EE4 simulations for the CBIP program than any other firm. Enermodal has broad experience in modelling the energy use in complex buildings such as large laboratories and hospitals.

Enermodal provides training courses for Natural Resources Canada across Canada and are approved design facilitators for the Union Gas/Enbridge Design Assistance Program. We have modelled over 250 projects located across Canada and cover all building types: office, retail, institutional, industrial, educational, multi-unit residential, nursing homes, and hospitals.

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