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Efficiently develop innovative flat panel displays for an incredibly wide range of industries. Advanced Energy is a leading provider of sputtering process power, offering a broad product portfolio — DC, pulsed-DC, and low-frequency AC units. And our portfolio is backed by worldwide engineering and support services. Benefit from field-proven performance, unique power-delivery control parameters, and multiple cost-optimizing options. Allow differentiated film quality and higher throughput with power waveform control and flexibility. Our high-performing power supply portfolio, decades of expertise, and global support sites make Advanced Energy the right precision power choice for flat panel display manufacturing.

You continually increase glass size and screen resolution. And you introduce new technologies, such as flexible/foldable OLED, WOLED, and micro-LED. As display sizes and resolution increase, the negative financial impact of film defects is magnified, putting extreme demands on equipment suppliers. On top of that, rapid change and process interruptions require manufacturing equipment to be increasingly flexible and reliable.

Advanced Energy’s Arc Management System (AMS) minimizes arc energy while maintaining a stable, repeatable process. This helps you achieve higher film quality, increase yields, and reduce manufacturing costs. Our products effectively support different process steps, including ITO, IMI, IGZO, and metal. Tight performance parameters, customizable power delivery, precision pulsing, and multi-level arc management enable process stability and control. You can create customized film density, uniformity, refraction, transmission, and morphology.

With products available for all display technologies, Advanced Energy can address the process power needs of your screen technologies.

  • Stable process
  • High film qualities
  • Increased yields
  • Plasma control for process innovation
  • Defect reduction

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