Biokompakt Heiztechnik GmbH

Free Biomass Boiler Installation and Maintenance Services


BGI also offers FREE Biomass Boiler Including Professional Installation and Maintenance.

  • REDUCE YOUR ANNUAL BILLS BY UP TO 50% with absolutely no initial outlay or cost to you. BGI Ltd can reduce your heating costs by up to 50% and guarantee you greatly reduced fuel costs looking forward
  • FREE commercial (none-domestic) biomass boilers ranging in size from 50kW to 1mW
  • 3 years free service and Breakdown cover followed by a competitively priced contract rolling forward with excellent back up and skilled engineers
  • BGI collects the government RHI which assists using recuperating our investment and on-going maintenance costs.
  • Our mission is to help support the local community by reducing its fuel costs + carbon foot print.
  • There is no catch; you benefit from reduced heating bills and gain the green credentials that are associated with owning a biomass boiler but with none of the investment required.

Terms: The supply and installation of a biomass boiler will be fully funded by BGI and includes boiler, fuel storage and delivery system, as well as all supporting.

  • FREE fully installed Biokompakt Biomass Boiler
  • 50-60% Lower Heating Bills, Locking of the fuel prices for the first 2 ears, when BGI supply the fuel
  • Subsidized Service Plan, Breakdown Cover
  • No Capital Expenditure Required
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Achieve Green Credentials

  •  During the lifetime of the boiler, the customer will be responsible for:
  • Buying approved fuel (we can arrange fuel supply contracts on your behalf)
  • Regular basic maintenance and correct operation
  • Provide unlimited access to site for periodic maintenance / site inspection as well as meter reading

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