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Fuel Management - Fuel Polishing - Services


Diesel fuel is the life blood that is pumped around rigs and platforms all around the world. Clean fuel is essential to keep generators, fire pumps and other platform critical fuel consuming equipment running effectively, free from unplanned shutdowns and failures. Using 3 simple steps we can Test, Clean and Maintain your fuel system to ensure contamination is eradicated and will not return.

Liquid Fuel may contain impurities and trace elements which are harmful to engines for power generation.

Typical harmful impurities are;

  • Sand
  • Rust
  • Catalyst Fines
  • Water

Heavy metal trace elements such as;

  • Sodium (Na)
  • Potassium (K)
  • Vanadium (V)

Typical Sources of Fuel Contamination;

  • Fuel origin
  • Fuel production process
  • Storage
  • Poor fuel maintenance
  • Bunkering procedures and biocide additions not followed

Fuel Polishing and Maintenance Service


Centrifuges Unlimited will carry out a full health check of a client’s fuel management and handling, getting right to the cause of the fuel quality issues.

Testing will be carried out to ISO4406 cleanliness standards using IP438 water determination methods. A report will then be issued and a structured plan agreed for resolution of these quality issues.


Centrifuges Unlimited has a full range of rental offshore ready modular fuel treatment systems which meet applicable DNV and ATEX specifications. Systems are designed for single lift, plug and play installation and can be hooked up ready for operation within a few hours.


Cleaning is only part of the process. Once the system is clean Centrifuges Unlimited examines fuel quality is maintained in the future as fuel needs to be continually maintained and polished.

Centrifuges Unlimited offer full design and build services for long term and permanent solutions to meet offshore standards.

Benefits to clients

• Operational efficiency

• Reduced wear on high cost critical power generation equipment

• Reduced risk of generator failure during critical shutdowns and turnarounds

• Reduced risk of failure of safety critical equipment

• No unplanned maintenance due to fuel quality issues

• Bug free system

• Reduced consumption of HP and LP pre turbine filters

• Consistent and efficient spray pattern on injector nozzles

• Cost savings Other Services: Critical shutdown and turnaround fuel management for turbines and generators

Maintenance and servicing of existing GEA Westfalia, Alfa Laval and other types of OEM separation equipment is offered.

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