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Geothermal Energy Service


Below the earth's surface the temperature remains constant in the first hundred meters and the constantly rises the deeper we go. This heat can be utilized directly for the heat supply or indirectly for power generation. Both situations require the development of the hot thermal waters and the transport to the the surface. Respectively, when no thermal water exists it is possible to use the thermal energy of the deeper rock strata by pumping water through these rock strata  and back to the surface (heat carrier).

In order to generate heat, especially for district heating, thermal water with 40° to 100°C is pumped up from deep layers of the earth and the heat energy is transferd into the heating circuit of  a thermal power station via a heat exchanger. The cooled water is pumped down deep again. For the generation of power the water temperature has to be 80°C and higher so that the resulting water vapor can drive a turbine of the power generator.

We can offer you following service in the geothermal energy sector:

  • Identification of suitable locations and methods for the geothermal energy generation
  • Coordination with expert companies in regard to system design, operation and usage
  • Exploration and assessment of geological and hydrogeological site locations
  • Coordination of licensing-related aspects with the responsible authorities
  • Identification of subsidies
  • Pre-dimensioning of the geothermal field
  • Preparation of reports and construction preliminary inquiries
  • Preparation of tender documents, contractor support during the awarding process and the professional supervision of test drillings and other test (thermal response tests up to temperature stability, duration approx. 50h), incl. evaluation
  • Licence planning (preparation of licensing documentation) incl. dimensioning of the geothermal probe system
  • Development of a probe field incl. preparation of tender documents, contractor support during the awarding process and the professional supervision of the construction process

Thermal energy is independent from weather conditions and available 24/7. If the subsoil has suitable geological properties the commercial use of the geothermal energy is possible.

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