Greenbug Energy Inc.

- Site Maintenance & Monitoring Service


GreenBug Energy makes design and manufacturing decisions that maximize IRR over the life of the project and that includes decisions that affect long term maintenance costs such as the selection of quality and durable components and materials. We then set planned maintenance schedules based on these decisions. We do the same thing whether it is our site or yours.

Reducing Maintenance Costs Upfront

In GreenBug’s Design Models we’ve given great consideration to reducing upfront capital costs as well as long-term maintenance costs by selecting premium lubricants, “over sizing” bearings to increase NBMA life and using reputable parts suppliers such as SEW, NORD and Dodge.

Every screw generator GreenBug manufactures has expected life values of these major components and is also supplied with a recommended preventative maintenance schedule to extend the life span of these components.

Maintenance Services

When maintenance is required, GreenBug Energy’s Maintenance Services are available to service our Archimedes screw micro hydro
installations. Rates for on site maintenance services are hourly plus travel.

Replacement Parts

GreenBug Energy supplies parts for our micro hydro systems.

System Installation records for GreenBug installations or systems sold are kept on file, allowing us to quickly retrieve part information for our custom designed systems if required.

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