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Harnessing Wind Power on Native American Reservations


Renewable energy and Native Americans have a natural connection, sharing a goal of respecting and conserving nature’s resources and protecting wildlife. Harnessing the power of wind on Native American innovations is already well underway and gaining momentum. Many experts believe the installation of wind turbines could reshape the economies of tribal lands.

Wind turbines make sense for Native American Reservations because:

  • Energy produced is clean with no emissions.
  • Wind energy helps tribes maintain their independence.
  • The investment can save money for future generations.

The Department of Energy’s Wind Energy Program helps tribes by providing anemometers to measure wind resources and supporting pilot projects that demonstrate innovative reservation applications. It also provides valuable education about the wind development process in the form of workshops and technical assistance.

Also, the DOE’s Native American Anemometer Loan Program was created to promote the installation of wind turbines on Native American lands. By significantly reducing the cost of quantifying the wind resources on tribal lands, more tribes are expected to install wind turbines. Polaris also offers programs to assist make installations more affordable.

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