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Hotel Energy Management

eComponents Technology’s powerful EnergyActive software will reduce your hotels’ energy costs by up to 45% by helping you manage energy use across the enterprise quickly and efficiently. These savings allow for increased investment in your hotel’s priority – guest satisfaction.

Since 1999, hundreds of 5 Star hotels around the world have used EnergyActive to track, measure, and analyze energy and utility consumption and costs for millions of square feet of hotel space. The web-based software consolidates this information from multiple locations into timely reports delivered to facility and corporate managers, engineers, accountants, and housekeeping and maintenance staffs, so your team can work together to efficiently manage your hotels’ energy use.

EnergyActive’s robust reporting system incorporates key performance indicators that direct your energy managers’ attention to where it needs to be. Indicators can be compared by facility, geographic region, market, or any other customized categories to provide benchmarks, analyze operations and set targets.

In addition to reports, EnergyActive provides rich graphical views of dynamic and real-time data from metering systems. The Energy Dashboard gives you easy access to the most critical data that will affect your day-to-day management decisions.
EnergyActive Supports Your Hotels’ Sustainability Initiatives

Using EnergyActive to manage your hotels’ energy consumption will help you meet the goals of your company’s sustainability initiatives. And for leading hoteliers who want to go beyond energy efficiency in meeting the consumer demand for sustainability, EnergyActive’s supplementary environmental reporting components are a valuable aid.
Environmental and Maintenance Reporting Components

eComponents Technology’s long history as a leader in hotel energy management has provided us the opportunity to continually enhance our services to meet the unique needs of the hospitality industry. As a result, the EnergyActive software suite includes these optional integrated components for environmental and maintenance reporting:

  • Waste and recycle tracking
  • Greenhouse gas emissions calculations
  • Facility preventive maintenance and safety monitoring

Our greenhouse gas tracking and reporting system has passed attest review by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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