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Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Battery Testing



As fuel costs increase, growth in hybrid and electric vehicles research is measured these days in leaps and bounds. But, the interest in developing highly-efficient, next generation batteries didn't start yesterday. Element's laboratory near Detroit, Michigan, has performed testing on battery systems for over 30 years. Our qualified staff in the Advanced Battery Testing laboratory in Warren, MI performs validation testing on Li-ion and Ni-MH battery cells, modules, ultracapacitors, and packs.

Li-ion and NiMH quality support
This advanced battery testing laboratory conducts validation testing on lithium ion (also called Li-ion or LIB) and nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batter cells, modules, and packs by trained and experienced battery experts.

Element Warren is accredited to perform battery charge and discharge lifecycle testing, durability and abuse testing to FreedomCar, UNDOT, USABC, SAE J2464 and UL standards. We are proud to support new technologies in hybrid vehicle and electric vehicle batteries.

Battery test program capabilities
With over 200 battery test channels, Element can manage multiple programs for our customers in a safe and secure environment. Our experts go beyond durability and abuse testing to industry specifications by developing customized test programs to support your R&D and battery development testing needs.

Product testing services for batteries
Element offers the following methods for evaluating your battery performance and planning for its success in the market.

  • Charge/Discharge Cycle Durability
  • Drive Cycle Testing
  • Pulse Power Testing
  • Overcharge/Overdischarge
  • Abnormal Charging
  • Reverse Charge
  • Shock/Vibration (with fixture design and build)
  • Short Circuit Testing
  • Impact Testing
  • Projectile Testing
  • Nail Penetration Testing
  • Crush Testing
  • Thermal Abuse Testing
  • Temperature Cycling
  • Altitude Simulation Testing
  • CAN Communication and Control
  • Customized Data Acquisition Available

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