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Hybrid Towers


Hybrid towers enable greater wind energy yield for onshore wind farms through greater heights. Therefore, the modern wind turbines on innovative hybrid towers form the basis for the operation of efficient wind farms in the inland. We offer our customers the low-interface installation of hybrid towers made from reinforced concrete and steel from any manufacturer as well as the installation of the system components – turnkey from a single source!

Besides the erection of structures we also take on the eliminating of time- and use-related signs of wear and tear due to environment effects and mechanical strains. With our longstanding experience and requisite competence with different practical proven methods of maintenance and conservation measures we are able to extend the economic lifetime of your construction.

Installation of Wind Energy Turbines with concrete tower systems:

  • Turnkey installation of various concrete tower systems including adapter ring and preparation of the tensioning assembly
  • Project-specific logistics
  • Tower system-specific hoisting equipment (cranes and service platforms)
  • Installation of steel sections, nacelle and rotor blades including additional components
  • Replacement of components and retrofitting

Maintenance/Service of Wind Energy Turbines with concrete tower systems:

  • Recurring inspections and documentation
  • Preparation of expert assessments
  • Industrial Service
  • Recycling and disposal,  disassembly and dismantling
  • External and internal cleaning

Regular maintenance and conservation of concrete and steel structures:

  • Securing, Repairing, Connecting, Reinforcing (according to german SIVV certificates) of concrete elements
  • Corrosion protection of concrete and steel structures

Industrial work:

  • Assembling and maintenance of buildings and engineering constructions
  • Replacement and disposal


  • Preparation of expert assessments in field of construction of machinery, steel, containers and plants

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