Advanced Energy Monitoring Systems (AEMS)

Advanced Energy Monitoring Systems (AEMS)

Hydro Turbine Testing Services



Hydro Turbines are turbo machines which use the hydraulic energy for power generation. Here mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy. They are power machines. They can be classified into Radial machines, Axial Machines and Mixed Flow Machines. In general, we call them as Pelton Wheel Turbines, Francis Turbines and Kaplan/Propeller Turbines respectively. Maximum power is generated when minimum losses are encountered. This is the reason why regular performance testing for hydro turbines is often insisted upon by project authorities.

We offer on site Hydro Turbine acceptance testing as per international standard IEC 60041 or for certain operating conditions, depending upon our customers requirements. The parameters measured are inlet temperature & pressure, outlet pressure & pressure and generated power to calculate the turbine efficiency and inlet flow. Temperature measurement has to be very accurate in order to calculate the efficiency precisely.

  • Turbine efficiency measurement in compliance with IEC 60041
  • Flow measurement
  • Turbine acceptance testing done

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