SGI Studio Galli Ingegneria Spa, (SGI)

SGI Studio Galli Ingegneria Spa, (SGI)

Innovation and Research Services


SGI’s aim is to improve people's lives and the environment through integrated and sustainable projects and puts a great emphasis on building a multidisciplinary approach that strikes the right balance between innovation and tradition.In collaboration with Italian and foreign universities and scientific institutions SGI works to bridge the gap between research and the market, and develop eco-sustainable solutions to meet the needs of its Clients.

SGI has a long-standing experience in the implementation of research projects financed by the European Commission in the field of water and wastewater management and in the application of a number of information technology and communication tools to optimize the design, operation and management of infrastructure.

Our projects deal with the development of geographical bases from digital aerial imagery, design and development of water management information systems, Web-GIS applications and real time control of water and wastewater networks.

Furthermore, we are committed for the use and application of alternative energy sources and we are engaged in numerous projects for the implementation of international treaties on climate change and the Kyoto Protocol.

SGI’s experience include energy optimization projects aiming at increasing the supply of “clean energy” using hydropower and photovoltaic potential; use of flare gas from oil fields to supply energy for desalination systems; pilot studies for the installation and operation of solar panels; application of solar energy to reduce CO2 emissions and achieve water savings; studies for using wind energy technology in the production and distribution of potable water, and the development of a pilot project for a seawater desalinisation system.

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