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Integrated Combined Cycle Units Geothermal Power Plants



Integrated Combined Cycle Units Geothermal Power PlantsFor high enthalpy, resources, Ormat also offers a special integration of both a Combined Cycle for the steam and a Binary Cycle  ORMAT ENERGY CONVERTER for the separated brine. The plants are fully integrated to provide a single set of controls and common fluid collection and reinjection systems. The Integrated Geothermal Combined Cycle concept provides optimal solution in view of geothermal fluid conditions of high steam pressure, high gas content in the steam and high water fraction

  • The back pressure steam turbine operates on the high pressure geothermal steam.
  • After expanding the steam in the turbine it enters an OEC bottoming unit
  • The bottoming unit converts the low pressure steam from the steam turbine into additional power through the Organic Rankine Cycle.
  • An additional OEC unit utilizes the hot brine.
  • The condensate and brine from both of the subsystems are combined and re-injected into the reservoir.

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