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Integrated Energy Analysis & Planning


Climate change, renewable energy technology improvement, and the emergence of smart grid technologies are motivating policies that will dramatically change how future energy and natural resource needs are met in the West. Aspen recognizes that advances in science, technology and policy have elevated the importance of integrated evaluations of environmental, engineering, and economic trade-offs and synergies. In response, Aspen has supplemented its core environmental science and engineering expertise with complementary economic and engineering expertise. Aspen's Integrated Planning and Analysis Division was formed in 2006 to provide policy makers with these critical capabilities needed to address the West's emerging policy challenges. Aspen's core clients are public sector clients and thus, like Aspen's core Environmental Services business, Aspen's Planning and Analysis staff are free from private developer conflicts of interest and thus are able to focus on issues from a public interest perspective. The Integrated Analysis and Planning Division brings economic and engineering expertise in the areas of electric system resource planning and policy assessment, electric transmission planning and policy assessment, demand forecasting and energy efficiency program evaluation, water resource planning, hydropower relicensing evaluation, natural gas resource planning and policy assessment and global climate change and air quality management policy assessment. In addition, the staff has experience testifying and providing regulatory support services in electric, gas, water, air quality, and greenhouse gas (GHG) assessment natural resource segments. Please see our Power Generation and Energy Infrastructure services and experience for additional, related information.

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