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Integration of Distribution Energy Resources (DER) Services



We are an experienced company in the integration of DER into distribution networks. This has included low carbon generation such as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and microgeneration (PV Solar / Microturbines) and also renewable schemes such as wind farms, solar farms, bioenergy power and tidal power. Current UK guidance documents show that the connection of renewables and low carbon generation will continue to increase. This presents new problems in the design and operation of our electrical networks. Our personnel have worked in both a research and application capacity since the early introduction of Distributed Generation (DG) in the UK. We are in a prime position to solve technical problems and improve the financial returns for our clients through the use of DER.

Our personnel have extensive experience on the power system modelling of DG schemes and their integration into electrical networks. Measures have been recommended for generator and turbine controller settings, fault level control and enhancing system stability, including analysis and testing of G59 and ETR 113 protection methods.

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