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Intelligent Power Monitor and Control Solution


Extreme Endeavors has taken power monitoring and control to a new level!  Identifying current and potential power quality issues and addressing them is of benifit for large and small scale operations. Intelligent Power Monitor and Control Solution is about monitoring power quantity, quality, demand and one of the most innovative controlling functionality known.

Whether you are a city with rolling blackout problems or a factory trying to reduce energy costs, the intelligence behind Extreme Endeavors power control and monitoring is the answer.  The basic concept for this power configuration system was developed while working at the South Pole in Antarctica, where power was so critical that if generators failed it would be life threatening for the crew.  The ability to monitor, control and shed non critical loads had to be performed manually at the station, Extreme Endeavors has taken this concept, expanded it with the internet, in order to apply it to a system as large as a city or small country.  

With the proliferation of computers and other sensitive devices in our professional and personal lives, having awareness and being able to address power quality issues is becoming increasingly more important. Poor quality of power causes not only physical damage to equipment and a substantial increase in energy costs, but also results in downtime (which, in turn, lowers productivity or creates a lower standard of living). Hence, power monitoring and control is critical to extracting optimal performance out of your system.

Microgrids are an especially interesting alternative wherever a stand-alone grid is feasible or even necessary for reasons of geography, infrastructure, or security of supply. Examples of this include islands and villages in remote regions, universities, governmental organizations, industrial complexes, shopping centers, and independent grids of local utilities. Their high level of availability and power quality as well as their potential for operation independent of the supply grid make microgrids an interesting alternative wherever security of supply is the top priority – for example, at hospitals and military installations.

In each individual case, however, it is imperative to precisely determine the actual savings potential while taking into consideration all external factors such as customer behavior, load profiles, and geographical conditions. The first step toward integrating is a comprehensive analysis and planning.  We at Extreme Endeavors are ready and willing to support you to determine the optimal arrangement.  

Our Power Monitor and Control Solution combines the abilities of the Intelligent Power Automation Control (IPAC) and our Extreme Endeavors' designed software to provide you with exceptional power monitoring and control capabilities.  Whether you need our system to operate in a small factory or large city, we have the capabilities to cater to your desire.

Extreme Endeavors Power Monitoring software provides intuitive and integrated real-time power monitoring using an intelligent graphical user interface.  Software is based on the user specifications and needs.  The functionality can include Analysis, conditional checking and alarms on power quality.  The Software also allows for control of the timing application, allowing dynamic control to alleviate consumption to reduce costs for the most demanding Time-of-Use-Pricing programs.  What really makes this system unique, the software allows the user to configure and manage the priority level operation of the IPAC, establishing a truely innovative, dynamic and flexible load shedding system that could be used by a small facility or a large city.


  • Monitor Supply and Distribution of Power
  • Automated, Intelligent Based Load Shedding through our Priority Management System
  • Monitor Quality of Power
  • Saves money when the power company has a Time-of-Use billing process
  • Shut Down Equipment Based on Power Requirements to Prevent Damage
  • Understand the details behind power draw in a city, allowing for future planning
  • With a cost effective solution, we’re making it easier to monitor and control energy in real time helping reduce emissions while saving money.

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