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Generally speaking, the more complex something is the greater the chance of error.  The world of utility billing is a great example of this.  Suppliers are responsible for managing and invoicing thousands of accounts a month, with varying rates and levels of complexity.  In addition to this, billing departments incur one of the highest turnover rates within the utility company, which increases the likelihood of human error on your bill.

Employing an invoice auditing service designed to handle the complexities of utility and supplier invoices will ensure you are not incurring unnecessary costs.
As companies look for ways to increase efficiencies and reduce expenses, the incorporation of an energy invoice auditing system is the answer to optimizing facility operations while uncovering billing errors that could be costing substantial amounts. Through our enhanced invoice auditing service, Delta has uncovered situations where clients have been incorrectly billed over $1 Million dollars.
While many ERP systems capture energy and utility invoice information, they only capture and report summary data. Delta’s Invoice auditing system is designed specifically for utility and supplier invoices.
Our system, backed by our team of experts, is able to:

  • Analyze data for inaccuracies and anomalies
  • Validate rates and full-invoice re-calculations
  • Monitor your specific utility and supplier rates for updates
  • Proactively identify missing invoices to avoid late fees and potential termination of service
  • Provide online document retention in a web-based platform

In addition to the financial benefit of ensuring that customers are being invoiced correctly, our service provides the benefit of:

  • Accurate data on which to build your energy strategy
  • Invoice data to perform expense analysis that is reflective of true operating costs
  • The opportunity to identify concrete steps that can be taken to reduce energy related operational expenses and inefficiencies

To read about how this service more than pays for itself, read a case study about Delta recovering over $300,000 for a client through invoice auditing.

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