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building energy usage services

  • Web-Based Monitoring

    To help customers monitor the actual benefits of their solar power systems in real time, Akeena Solar, in partnership with Fat Spaniel Technologies, has pioneered remote solar power monitoring for homes or businesses. You can access this information in two ways: Web-Based Solar Energy Monitoring System: Access your system’s performance, ...

    By Akeena Solar based in Campbell, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Startup and Commissioning

    Commissioning is the art of tuning a building or facility to function as it was intended.  According to the California Energy Commission, commissioning with integrated design shaves 25 – 35% off of a building’s total energy usage and pays for itself within 3 – 24 months.  According to the US Department of Energy, ...

    By 3fficient based in San Luis Rey, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Clean Energy Service line

  • Continuous Energy Optimisation

    This process looks at all the services in an existing building and how they are performing individually and together as a system. We identify inefficiencies and potential for energy savings by reviewing control strategies and re-commissioning and replacing faulty or inefficient plant. We monitor and verify energy use and savings on an ongoing ...

    By ECOsystems Limited based in Lower Hutt, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) and Green Deal Assessments (GDA)

    Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are the output from a Domestic Energy Assessment (DEA). A DEA analyses the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of a property based on typical occupancy and usage to enable it to be compared with the total UK housing stock with regard to energy efficiency and environmental impact. This produces a performance ...

    By Brighter Green Renewables Ltd based in Braunston, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Building Commissioning Services

    Renteknik is focused on maximizing energy efficiency to support Canada’s peak electricity shaving efforts and the drive towards near net-zero buildings. Through our “Bridge the Road to Change” Energy Management Plan, Renteknik can help companies integrate energy management strategies throughout every level of the corporation to ...

    By Renteknik Group Inc. based in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Commissioning Services Service line

  • Energy Analysis

    Cost & Energy Savings Solutions. At the forefront of energy saving lighting initiatives, we offer a full consultancy service that will prepare and provide the most appropriate and money-saving solutions for your particular requirements.

    By Energy Facilities UK Ltd based in Hoddesdon, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Energy Benchmarking Services

    Benchmarking energy consumption and cost can be very helpful in evaluating the efficiency of your operations and buildings. However, most companies don’t have the resources necessary to gather and analyze the relevant energy data.

    By Summit Energy based in Louisville, KENTUCKY (USA). from Budget Development Service line

  • Renewable Energy - Small Scale and Large Scale

    Using a free source of energy to sustain your business and to reduce operation cost is very important with the increasing energy prices. Empowering your business using the sun is a sustainable method to produce energy and to reduce Co2 emissions to the atmosphere; furthermore, using alternative resources to produce energy is not a burden anymore ...

    By ECO Engineering and Energy Solutions based in Ryadh, SAUDI ARABIA. from Energy Efficiency Services Service line

  • Energy Solutions Services

    The energy usage of commercial buildings has an enormous impact on our world today. Environmental issues, the escalating cost of energy, increased economic challenges, and social responsibility are all at the forefront of public and private policy initiatives. Because of this, commercial buildings are currently a primary target for energy ...

    By Linc Network, LLC based in Canonsburg, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

    The EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU), which came into force in November 2012, requires all EU Member States to introduce regular energy audits for ‘large enterprises’ (>250 employees or an annual turnover of >€50 million and/or an annual balance sheet total >€43 million). The Energy Saving ...

    By LRQA Limited based in Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM. from Environment and Energy Service line

  • Energy Audits and Cost Benefit Analysis Service

    An energy audit is an inspection, survey and analysis of energy usage in a building, process, or system for the purpose of energy conservation and to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the outputs. For an organization an energy audit offers solutions for reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions and costs ...

    By Centre for Sustainability and Excellence based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Solar Finance Service

    Through our network of established finance partners, we are able to tailor a range of competitive financing and funded solutions to suit your specific project requirements – helping your business harness the financial and environmental benefits of solar PV long into the future.

    By HBS Group Southern Ltd. based in Whiteley, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Energy Efficiency in Cyprus

    Did you ever consider how you can capitalize on your investments by making the correct selection of equipment from the very beginning? Energy+ offers a comprehensive energy efficiency equipment report and recommends the right products for you. This report aims to improve your daily business activities, save money as well as make your clients aware ...

    By C.A.S. Energy Ltd based in Nicosia, CYPRUS. from Energy Management Services Service line

  • Commercial Energy Audits Services

    There are several reasons having an energy audit done is the right decision for most building owners. To Reduce Your Operation Expenses, Increase Your Profit. In these days of uncertainty, it is important to keep operating expenses to a minimum. One difference between companies that weather these difficult times and those which do not survive, ...

    By Abraxas Energy Consulting based in Slo, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Energy Efficiency Compliance

    Carbon Credentials offer a full range of compliance services, with particular expertise in the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme. The UK government has made an announcement on 20/6/2012 that 1,800 companies on the London Stock Exchange will be required to fully report their greenhouse gas emissions from April 2013. We are ...

    By Carbon Credentials based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Financed Solutions

    Carbon Credentials enables energy investment with little or no cost, by helping our clients to identify the optimum means of procurement. There are a number of emerging models in today’s marketplace that should be considered, including Energy Performance Contracts with an Energy Services Company (ESCO), and Traditional Lease Financing. ...

    By Carbon Credentials based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Solar PV Solutions Services

    We’ve installed solar panels to hundreds of commercial rooftops and over 10,000 homes across the UK. With a wealth of solar PV experience together with our full service approach we can help you meet your renewable energy requirements and deliver maximum value.

    By HBS Group Southern Ltd. based in Whiteley, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Building Energy Performance Rating

    As a minimum classification of the building\'s energy needs and energy consumption, insulation properties, and heating and / or document that contains information about the efficiency of cooling systems. Energy buildings, building permits since January 1, 2011 will be the preparation of identification shall be mandatory.Energy Performance ...

    By Eskonevd based in İZMİR, TURKEY.

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