Energy Project services in Maryland

  • RTS Energy Management Information System (RTS EMIS) based on SAP MII

    The RTS Energy Management Information System (RTS EMIS) Powered by NetWeaver and SAP MII is the ONLY SAP CERTIFIED Energy Solution. It that enables organizations to improve energy performance and reduce energy intensity and cost in less than 12 weeks. Because it is based on SAP MII, the RTS EMIS can uniquely link disparate production energy data ...

    By RTS Consulting Inc. based in Annapolis, MARYLAND (USA). from Energy Management Service line

  • Clean Energy Finance Program Support

    Evaluation and finance: Cadmus blends decades of experience in both of these specialties to bring you the industry’s leading clean energy finance program evaluation team. Over the past 25 years, we’ve done more than 1,000 evaluations of demand-side management and renewable energy programs. Our cutting-edge finance experience also goes ...

    By The Cadmus Group, Inc. Office in Bethesda,, MARYLAND (USA). from Energy Services Service line

  • Solar Projects Designed Services

    SmartWatt Energy’s solar projects are designed to capitalize on the reduction in demand created by your other energy efficiency projects, such as retro-commissioning, lighting and HVAC control, while using the most current energy technologies available. By coupling innovative financing arrangements with solar photovoltaic (PV) energy ...

    By SmartWatt Energy, Inc. Office in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA). from Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Services Service line

  • Lighting Projects Designed Services

    SmartWatt Energy’s lighting projects are designed to improve the efficiency, aesthetics and comfort of facilities. They have the ability to dramatically reduce energy use and lower lighting costs by up to 90 percent through a powerful combination of state-of-the-art engineering, the latest LED lighting technology and advanced open protocol ...

    By SmartWatt Energy, Inc. Office in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA). from Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Services Service line

  • Renewable Energy

    To meet the growing demand for clean, reliable, and affordable energy, Bechtel designs and constructs some of the world’s largest photovoltaic and solar power plants. In addition, we finance solutions that catalyze the development of new renewable energy projects by helping to mobilize additional public and private resources for ...

    By Bechtel Corporation Office in Frederick, MARYLAND (USA). from Sustainability Solutions Service line

  • Energy Management

    What kind of energy are we using? Is it consistently available? Convenient? Efficient?  And, if we’re generating energy, how are we monitoring it? Are we able to do more and, perhaps, save more? How do you know where to start?

    By Pfister Energy Office in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Street Light Conversion Projects Designed Services

    LED street light conversion projects are designed to improve efficiency, aesthetics and public safety in small towns, large cities and every sized municipality in between. Municipalities have the ability to dramatically reduce energy use and lower street lighting costs by up to 80 percent—while also netting a maintenance savings of up to 75 ...

    By SmartWatt Energy, Inc. Office in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA). from Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Services Service line

  • Retro-Commissioning (Rcx) Projects Designed Services

    SmartWatt Energy’s retro-commissioning (RCx) projects are designed to systematically identify less-than-optimal performance in a facility’s equipment, lighting and control systems, including how the various systems function together, and then make the necessary adjustments. RCx projects provide an average of 2-6 percent whole-building ...

    By SmartWatt Energy, Inc. Office in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA). from Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Services Service line

  • Energy Services

    In today's economy, energy is an asset and it means value to your bottom line. Minimizing energy costs and maximizing energy flexibility is an important, yet many times overlooked, element of any successful business plan. Our philosophy – whether we are involved in new building construction, retrofits, energy audits, building commissioning, ...

    By GEOMET Technologies, LLC based in Germantown, MARYLAND (USA). from Environmental Services Service line

  • Energy Solutions from MES

    Legislative session launched the Maryland Environmental Service on a new mission to assist the State of Maryland in planning, designing and building renewable energy projects, improving energy efficiency and conservation, and maximizing the State's energy resources. MES, with its ability to engage in public/private partnerships, is now able to ...

    By Maryland Environmental Service based in Millersville, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Energy Analysis Services

    We provide a no-cost action plan for your facility, consisting of a needs analysis and preliminary energy analysis. During the needs analysis, your SmartWatt project engineer will discuss your facility's unique needs, return on investment (ROI) requirements, and the specific energy efficiency solutions you may be interested in.

    By SmartWatt Energy, Inc. Office in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA). from Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Services Service line

  • Energy Management Services

    By adopting a multi-dimensional approach to energy management, we assist clients to simultaneously reduce energy usage, cost, supply risk and environmental impact. With a combined 50+ years of practical expertise, our solutions will help elevate your capabilities in energy management and conservation. Our proprietary energy roadmaps, savings ...

    By Antea Group - USA Office in Columbia, MARYLAND (USA). from Sustainability Consulting Service line

  • Energy Conservation Audits

    Identifying and implementing opportunities for reducing energy use in buildings can save money while demonstrating a commitment to environmental performance and meeting high performing building initiatives. The complete site energy audit expands on the preliminary audit by collecting more detailed information relating to facility operation and ...

    By Aarcher Institute of Environmental Training LLC based in Annapolis, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Financing Services

    groSolar can be a valuable resource in securing financial resources for your solar project.

    By groSolar Office in Columbia, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Vertical Integration Turnkey Service

    Our utility clients like working with us because we offer completely turnkey service. SmartWatt Energy's vertically integrated service model delivers a single point of contact for services that would traditionally require multiple firms. At SmartWatt, we are familiar with every last detail of direct install energy efficiency programs and have ...

    By SmartWatt Energy, Inc. Office in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA). from Utility Program Service Service line

  • Commissioning

    Building Commissioning is a systematic and documented process of ensuring that the owner's operational needs are met, building systems perform efficiently, and building operators are properly trained. A seemingly simple concept, yet often left out in the hectic rush to complete projects, resulting in years of compounding operational and ...

    By Johnson, Mirmiran and Thompson (JMT) based in Sparks, MARYLAND (USA). from Program & Construction Management Service line

  • LED Lighting - LED Lighting Installation Services

    We install interior and exterior LED lighting for commercial properties, federal government buildings, chain stores, retail spaces, state and local government facilities, airports, parking garage facilities, schools, etc. We also help you to get utility REBATES for your lighting project which can pay for over 60% of the projects cost.


  • Solar Development Services

    With more than a decade of PV solar development experience, Standard Solar knows the industry from every angle. Our team has built turnkey systems that are currently generating energy across the country for businesses, schools and universities, and government facilities.

    By Standard Solar, Inc. based in Rockville, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Solar Implementation Services

    We've been designing and building solar installations for more than a decade. We understand what it takes to have an installation go smoothly. From supply chain management to construction, Standard Solar is with you every step of the way. Supply Chain Management: Standard Solar has strong ties with all the leading vendors in the industry. Since we ...

    By Standard Solar, Inc. based in Rockville, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Solar Engineering & Design Services

    Standard Solar’s team of experienced professionals specifies every aspect of your system. We analyze existing data from current installations and local weather patterns to gain a complete picture of your installations’ energy production. Each design is unique to the needs of the customer and is customized to the site, the local climate ...

    By Standard Solar, Inc. based in Rockville, MARYLAND (USA).

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