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Christensen Associates Inc (CAI)

Licensing and Relicensing Service


Licensing and relicensing of hydroelectric projects in today's complex regulatory environment presents opportunities, risks and challenges.  Licensing of new hydro projects has become a risky undertaking due to the uncertain scope, duration, cost and outcome of the permitting process.  owever, new governmental initiatives seeking to facilitate development of hydropower at existing dams and water resource facilities appear to be paving the way for a more efficient regulatory process.  Economic incentives for renewable energy development are also  helping to facilitate new development.

Relicensing of major hydro projects can take a decade or more to complete and poses a significant challenge and uncertainty for project owners.  New environmental protection and enhancement measures require significant changes in project operation which often constrain plant operation flexibility, reduce energy generation, require substantial capital investment, and increase future operating costs.


CAI specializes in assisting clients to cost-effectively identify and resolve many technical, institutional, environmental and economic issues that must be addressed in licensing.  We address dam safety and regulatory compliance issues.  We also assist clients to identify and evaluate potential opportunities to maximize beneficial use of the renewable resource while meeting relicensing goals and constraints.


FERC Licensing and Relicensing Expertise:

  • Resource utilization studies required  by FERC
  • Project upgrades and repowering
  • Environmental problem solving
  • Economic and financial analysis
  • Agency consultation
  • Public relations
  • Settlement support

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