Schmidt Industries, Inc.

Long-Term Service Contracts


Schmidt Industries offers customers an organized response in the event of operational issues. Contract engineers serve as qualified contacts to provide immediate technical assistance and know-how. As part of our long-term service agreements, we provide spare component parts, parts repair services, technical support, OEM-qualified engineers, contract management and support, and troubleshooting, logistical support. We work closely with many of our customers to provide routine repairs as well as immediate services.

  • Steam, Gas, Nuclear, and Hydro Replacement Parts
  • Component Repair Services
  • Plant Performance
  • Complete Turbine Rotor Overhaul Services
  • Turbine Refurbishment
  • Combustion Inspection Kit
  • Troubleshooting

Schmidt Industries recognizes that our customers seek not only replacement parts, but expect a properly maintained turbine to perform under extraordinarily stressful conditions. The benefits of establishing a LTSA are numerous. Utilizing our team of professional, responsive engineers, a LTSA results in the following outcomes for the smooth, continuous running of your power generating unit:

  • Guaranteed Parts and Availability from One Source Provider
  • Predictable, Confirmed Contract Terms and Conditions
  • Established Price Structure Not Subject to Change
  • Transparency and Single Contact for Outages
  • Engineering-Led Planning and Turbine Overhauls
  • Problem Inspection and Solutions
  • Routine Maintenance Scheduling

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