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The MICROPACK Fire and Gas Detection Mapping software is comprised of Flame Detection Assessment (FDA), Gas Detection Assessment (GDA) and Heat Detection Assessment (HDA). These three packages are able to verify F&G equipment arrangements from initial design stages through to construction and installation, or existing facilities.

Fire and gas detection systems should play a crucial role in loss prevention on many sites. Formal safety assessments such as quantified risk assessments often assume that fire and gas detection systems will reduce risks, yet their design is often a matter of “black art”; it is often difficult to quantify the parameters involved and there is little guidance to define required performance or to relate achieved performance to safety requirements.

Modern fire and gas detection designs tend to be towards hazard based approach featuring recognised and quantified hazards, for example ranging from highly sensitive items such as hydrocarbon gas compressors through to lower risk items such as produced water vessels.

Using highly developed assessment methods together with custom software the flame detection assessment, gas detection assessment and heat detection assessment packages are able to review and assess arrangements from initial designs through construction and onto existing installation.

The assessments are used to optimise and validate designs and maybe used in formal safety studies.

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