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Off Grid Communities: The Strom-Boje is a swimming small hydroelectric power plant. In contrast to all other types of power plants, only the kinetic energy of free-floating streams or sea currents are used. The diameter of the rotor is customized to your particular needs and the 100cm, 150cm, 200cm or 250cm models of the Strom-Boje can be used in different kind of rivers and streams. The minimum requirements for installation are rivers with minimum depths of 150cm, 200cm, 250cm and 300cm at low flow. An average flow rate of 2.0m/s and average flow conditions of 50m³/s are necessary for achieving economic efficiency.

Technical Highlights

Rotor Diameter: 250cm, slow rotation speed
Length: 9.2m, Width: 3.8m, Height: 3.4m
Weight: 6t / Engine Output: up to 70kW
Energy Output per year: 150,000-250,000 kWh


Energy independence and energy self-sufficiency for remote communities
No infrastructure or structural measurements required (e.g. concrete dams)
Low environmental impact on the landscape and ecology of rivers
Demonstrated fish friendliness
Operational in floodwater situations
Reduced carbon footprint and fuel costs (e.g. diesel)

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