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Every farmer knows that there is much truth in the old saying ‘We reap what we sow’. Make use of the sun’s infinite energy and harvest your own electricity. The only power you use will be power that you have generated yourself. In the third, most recent amendment of the German feed-in tariff, larger plants of up to 500kWp are also taken into account with regard to the on-site consumption of solar power as of July 2010. As a result, on-site consumption is now an appealing option for agricultural businesses, provided that energy-intensive machinery is used to provide a large base load. Any solar power that is generated but not consumed can be fed into the public grid and is paid for at the standard rate. 

The on-site consumption of solar power is appealing as it has a considerable influence on the solar power plant’s return on investment. The more self-generated power the plant operator uses on site, the higher the effective payment per kilowatt hour.

For many years, payments for solar power were fully independent of on-site power consumption. Now, however, coordinating consumption and generation is becoming increasingly important. As a result of payment reductions, VAT payments and power procurement cost savings, the operator can expect to receive roughly six cents more per kilowatt hour of self-consumed solar power than would be the case for conventional feeding-in. On-site consumption is thus becoming a defining factor for the profitability of solar power plants.

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