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On Site Renewables


From the practice’s inception in 1994, we realised that designing efficient, low-energy buildings would not in itself meet the savings that we were seeking in the construction industry. Energy conservation would have to be combined with ‘renewable’ energy generation. Through a number of government sponsored research projects, Studio E has explored how best to introduce and integrate renewable energy systems into building projects. Significantly, we were able to secure funding and persuade Akeler Developments to incorporate into a speculative office development Solar Office, Doxford what was at the time the largest solar electric array (75kwp) anywhere in the world. In 2003 we completed our first net zero carbon project, the head office Beaufort Court for Renewable Energy Systems (RES) Ltd, incorporating a number of the technologies we had previously been developing.

Studio E continues to collaborate with international organisations and multinational project dedicated groups in order to develop the technologies of building-integrated renewable energy generation, promote it and incorporate the results into new projects.

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