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Opearations & Maintenance Services

Operative control; Control of operations during the performance of production capacity, control of all equipment within a group of production. Useful at the functionality in technical parameters of production lifetime stipulated by a designer.

Technical Control
Regular technical checks provided in annual maintenance contracts and measurements of equipment. It is determined by measurements using machines dedicated to each type of equipment, only if the functionality and energy production complies with the technical book.

Technical Maintenance
Continuous maintenance of equipment and materials exposed in the framework of a production group. Provides functionality in normal standards and prevents wearing factors caused by natural causes among which we can mention, the wearing of the plant in time or ways to prevent production losses.

Planning & Control Management
Organizing and planning sessions of maintenance taking into consideration the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations, and the beneficiaries needs. Optimizing the operation at normal standards of the production capacity mainly aimed at maintaining production at full potential. We had a strong experience in O&M and construction of photovoltaic plants, starting from the mounting systems assembling, photovoltaic panels mounting and balance of systems providing.

Special Maintenance
Identifying strategies and constantly correlating the power plant monitoring systems with major equipment (inverters, transformers, generators, etc.), but also with technical maintenance. Maintaining production capacity at maximum standards, even the capacity of the production in periods when it is low and managing critical moments that occur periodically due to faulty equipment or external causes.

Management Information System
Management monitoring systems (SCADA) and maintenance of production, or surveillance systems (equipment and / or security and protection), or the various data transmission systems. Continuous knowledge, operation and control, in real time of the production itself or events that occur at any time.

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