Operation & Maintenance Services


T-Solar carries out ongoing preventative and corrective maintenance and supervision of its facilities in order to achieve maximum performance from its PV plants. The company has set up an energy management centre (CGE) at its head office in Madrid in order to optimise this task. The management centre continuously monitors how each plant is working in real time (24 hours a day, 365 days a year). Wherever the plant may be located in the world, the centre is overseeing its key parameters.

 T-Solar's CGE is a pioneering control centre. It has state-of-the-art technology and telecommunications infrastructure so that it can keep track of all the indicators and parameters that help to optimise the performance, output and maintenance of each solar farm: atmospheric conditions, energy produced, network voltage and frequency, etc. The centre allows remote operation of the solar plants. This means that substations can be reconfigured without a site visit, and the power being injected into the network is controlled at all times.

T-Solar has implemented a double alarm system in its photovoltaic plants to detect any incident the moment it occurs. This security mechanism consists of video-surveillance cameras, backed up by an infra-red detection system for the hours of darkness. T-Solar plants also have a subsystem to detect movement on the perimeter of the PV farms, using microwave barrier technology.

All these measures allow T-Solar to minimise economic losses from outages due to problems in its PV plants. This considerably boosts their performance ratio and availability. During 2012, T-Solar's plants recorded an average performance ratio of 79% and average availability of 99%.

In 2011, T-Solar and GDFSUEZ Energía España signed a commercial agreement to implement a real time remote metering and control service, which will be offered to special regime facilities.

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