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Operations and Maintenance


Enviko offers operations and maintenance services to both new and existing clients in order to facilitate the performance of our client’s PV systems. We also provide remote monitoring as standard for new installations utilising state of the art web based technology so that our clients can continually access their system performance from any chosen location. Regular monitoring and maintenance of  Solar PV systems should not be neglected. A small default might be hardly noticeable but it will have a big impact on the generated energy output. Enviko can monitor and maintain your PV system to help prevent any system-faults. You will be assured that your system is always running its optimum potential and generating the maximum outcome in the long run

Solar PV systems typically require little on-going maintenance. As with any electro-mechanical equipment however, natural wear and tear over the years can result in poorer operational efficiencies. Undertaking an annual preventative maintenance servicing can ensure that your turbine delivers optimum performance.

The method that Enviko undertakes for its servicing depends on the type of PV system. Enviko will primarily review the potential for faults. Circuit diagrams and a technical description of the system are very helpful in this respect, however, Enviko are often called to work on systems with little data or specification available. Before Enviko undertakes any measurements, a visual check of the PV system is carried out, in particular the PV generator. Here we will look mechanical damage and soiling.

The wiring and electrical connections will be checked by our engineers for the following faults which can occur and do not trip any fuse and hence lead to dangerous touch voltages or to arcing:

  • Poor or loose wire connections
  • Earth leakage through insulation faults
  • Short-circuit through insulation faults

Attention will be paid to mechanical and thermal damage and to wires and insulation chewed by animals (such as rodents). The insulation can also be damaged by UV rays, ageing or over-voltages. All insulation ages in the course of time. An insulation fault can lead to arcing and ultimately cause a fire.

In Enviko’s experience the following causes of system faults or failures can occur, listed according to their frequency:

  • Fault at the inverter / Loose wiring connection
  • Defective string fuses / Defect with a module and hence partial or total failure of a string (bypass diodes or contacts of individual cells in a module)
  • Defective surge protector / Insulation fault

Before remedying the fault Enviko will check whether fixing the fault is covered by your installation warranty and whether equipment manufacturers’ warranties can be called on (product liability). If this is not the case, a cost estimate for remedying the fault will be made.

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