Operations and Maintenance Services


Over 190 field service technicians on six continents are ready to deliver on-site support and help you extract the maximum amount of energy from your systems.

Proactive Action and Rapid Outage Response
Our advanced monitoring platform frequently lets us detect system anomalies before breakdown occurs. In many cases, we can fix issues remotely but when a repair is required, we'll fix it fast and maximize your system's uptime.

Intelligent Power Management
Solar system operators must constantly monitor and adjust power production to meet the needs of local power grids. When a solar installation shares a portion of a regional grid with a wind energy facility, the grid may overload during high winds, tripping the solar system's main breakers and shutting down electricity production. SunEdison can provide remote power factor control and rapidly adjust system production to meet grid capacity needs. This can mean fewer outages, more energy, and more revenue.

Preventative Maintenance
We'll inspect and clean your systems, conduct compliance testing, and provide vegetation control
Preventative maintenance helps you get more energy from your system and ensures its smooth long-term operation. Routine cleaning can increase energy production by up to 30%. Vegetation control is required to ensure that no production losses occur due to shade and for the long-term health of the system - permanent damage can occur to your system if vegetative growth is left unchecked.

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