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Operations & Maintenance Services


While solar energy systems are typically low-maintenance, there are on-going needs to ensure each system is properly maintained and producing energy as designed. Our O&M managers are the single point of contact for customers after a project has been completed. If there is an issue or if a system needs maintenance, the O&M manager identifies the necessary work and deploys the appropriate team to the system.

We use data tracking technology to remotely monitor the daily operations of every system from our 24 hour operations center. This means we can react quickly to system issues and present a clear plan for resolution to our customers or investors.

We also deliver real-time functioning data to our project managers and engineering department so we can continually improve system design. New projects benefit from best practices we develop at each project site.

Our team has North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Certified personnel on staff. We use in-house personnel to commission, maintain, and repair our systems. The team performs regular and scheduled performance evaluations on all of our systems.

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