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Operations & Maintenance Services


With our technical and commercial management we ensure stable returns. We make sure that your plant is generating power as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible throughout its lifecycle. Our service team has been certified by the Germanischer Lloyd. When your turbine has reached its maximum service life, we will support you and manage the dismantling or repowering. By replacing old wind turbines with modern, high-performance ones, we can increase energy yields significantly. While a new turbine at the beginning of the 1980s achieved just about 35,000 kWh per year, today they have an output of approximately 500 times that amount.


With our experienced service and maintenance team we guarantee a quick and reasonable removal of all disturbances. We plan the exact repair with logistical talent, procure spare parts and instruct additional specialist staff. Even our stock is adapted constantly to the requirements of energy installations. Operations and maintenance reaches from regular servicing to repair of small parts up to repair and exchange of bigger components, for example gears or generators.


juwi offers you professional technical and commercial management over the entire lifecycle of your energy plant ensuring solid returns and high dependability. juwi Management LLC is ensuring optimal technical operations of your installation in close cooperation with commercial management. We provide constant remote monitoring of, collecting all data. That way we can analyze and resolve defects or damages. Short reaction times and comprehensive expertise guarantee high technical disposability and productivity of your project. Our commercial services include reporting, insurance and contract management as well as re-structuring. We can take care of your complete account management such as banking, liquidity management and planning, accounting for power production, distribution, lease accounting, controlling of payout. We offer national as well as international accounting. With professional technical management we ensure excellent yields. Experienced technicians and service partner on-site guarantee fast and reliable solution management in case of breakdown. We also offer management of transmission and transformer stations, remote monitoring and control, maintenance, cleaning of modules and inspections of components.


For more than 15 years we have been controlling and optimizing the operation of plants. Establishment, operations, recycling, repowering – we remain your reliable contact partner. Our years of experience help us to ensure the longevity of your system and profitable yields

We are optimizing not only the energetic output of your plant, but also the financial: juwi projects offer a sound foundation for the value stability and return of your investment.

Overview of Commercial Services

As required juwi handles all your accounting for your wind or solar plant one-stop – with a high level of transparency and open communication.

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