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To meet the unique requirements of every customer, we offer equipment and services as well as complete turnkey solutions that provide optimal plant configuration. All our plants and equipment are uniquely tailored to suite the site, geothermal resource and ambient conditions. With a modular, flexible approach and a large selection of proven technologies to work with, we provide an effective and cost-efficient power plant. Our plants are designed for simple transportation, installation, operation and maintenance.

  • A single point of responsibility
  • Full control over the delivery time and cost
  • Unsurpassed field-proven knowledge and experience
  • Equipment tailor-made to match site specific resources, conditions and project scale.

  • 'Self Construct Solutions'- project owners can use their own staff or subcontractors to install Ormat's modular plant while benefitting the full support and backup of our expertise
  • Turnkey Solution by Ormat as EPC contractor

Further to proving tailor made solutions that match the needs of our customers, Ormat also trains plant operations and maintenance personnel during installation and operation to assure a smooth transition and optimal performance of the plant.

After assuring a smooth transition of plant operation, Ormat continues to provide its customers full product support. Since all power plant components are designed and manufactured within our facilities, we offer the most professional product service and maintenance services available.

Our solutions are always designed to maximize power generation while maintaining the sustainability of the geothermal resource for generations to come. We place a high priority on reducing pollution and maintaining a low profile that blends into the natural environment. Our power plants re-inject 100% of all geothermal fluids, preserving the productivity and lifespan of the reservoir. For more information see our sustainability report.

Ormat’s geothermal power plants implement either air or water cooling, depending on the availability and cost of suitable water resources. Air cooling systems feature low operating costs and an exceptionally low environmental profile. They operate in a closed loop, do not require chemical additives and involve no waste disposal. In addition, air cooled power plants do not produce a visible plume and have a lower impact on the landscape.

Ormat power plants have today's highest proven average plant availability generated by Ormat® Energy Converters (OEC) providing the highest reliability and base load power.

Around the world, Ormat enables power plant operators to fully leverage geothermal resources to obtain maximum power output. Our geothermal experts can help to accurately analyze the available geothermal resources and to implement a modular solution that enhances existing plants. Using our field-tested OEC technology, we enable power plants to fully harness all geothermal components while maintaining the sustainability of the reservoir

Learn more about some of the geothermal plant configurations provided by Ormat or contact us for more information and a consultation.

  • Binary Power Plants: Ideal for: Low temperature geothermal fluid or steamSeparated brine after first or second
  • Combined Cycle Binary Plants:Low temperature geothermal fluid or steam Separated brine after first or second
  • Integrated Combined Cycle Plants: Feature both a binary and combined cycle plant for complex resources with high steam pressure, significant non condensing gas content, and water.

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